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In 2014, local Record Store Owner, Craig T Brown, created a fledgling Record Label called gr8heights Records. The goal of this Label was to assist the City of Houston,Tx in 2 fundamental ways:

  1. Showcase the amazing amount of Soul, Funk, Jazz and Groove talent that lies just under the Radar in Houston at this very moment. Only needing exposure to find its audience.
  2. Expose the breath of these genres of music in Houston’s rich history. Much of this unknown to the majority of Houston itself. When Soul and Funk music is thought of, initially cities like Memphis, Philadelphia, Chicago and the likes come to mind. But what about a town that nurtured such artists as Bobby”Blue”Bland, Junior Parker, Joe Tex, ‘Johnny Guitar’ Watson, The Kashmere Stage Band, Melvin Sparks, Archie Bell & The Drells, Geater Davis and Record Labels such as Duke, Backbeat and Peacock Records…just the tip of the iceberg. — HOUSTON, TX —

Growing up in a town that didn’t always do well to promote or take pride in it’s musical Soul History, founder Craig T Brown was never able to forget the 1st time he heard Archie Bell & The Drells 1968 #1 Track “Tighten Up”. When that icon Bass, Drums and Guitar groove starts and Archie announces “Hello everybody, I’m Archie Bell and the Drells…from Houston Texas…”, Craig remembers his Jaw dropping…So has it, Bell heard a comment after the Kennedy assassination in Dallas that “nothing good ever came out of Texas.” Bell wanted his listeners to know “we were from Texas and we were good.”

gr8heightsrecords is here to help Modern Bands stand proud and say “We’re from Houston, Texas and we are good.” We’re confident this won’t just be a sign of arrogance, but a statement of fact. We hope you agree as well.


The gr8heights Records Team